AUD/USD in the Spotlight


Hello Traders, today AUD/USD is in the spotlight. Bollinger Bands® 1hr charts show a volatile environment, however, it does not seem to indicate a strong trend on extended time frames, FX Street experts suggest.

ADX below 30 tracks indicates a sideways price action. While trading experts validate this view, the 50-period simple moving average is caught somewhere between the 200 and the 800-period SMAs. Looking at the phenomenon from a macro perspective, the AUD/USD pair still seems to be ranging sideways.


Trading tips: Buy opportunities would be an excellent way to profit from this, by taking advantage of the price-oscillators divergence. Aim the 800-SMA! Consequently, the 50-SMA will drop below the 200 and the trend will be bearish.

All secrets unveiled, time is money! Start trading and remember, the sky is the limit!

Was this helpful? If yes, stay tuned for more trading tips &tricks, news and a lot more!


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