A Bit of Elegance & Class

Exclusive Interview

Time flies, fashion comes and goes. One thing though never gets old, and that is CLASS. Today, cyprusthrive has a very special guest, Michael Antoniou, musician, performer and privileged owner of a classy Rolls Royce.

ct: Hello Michael and welcome to cyprusthrive. There’s always a story behind every Rolls Royce, what’s yours?

MA: I’ve always dreamt about owning a Rolls Royce, I suppose I felt, when I can buy one of these beautiful cars I must have made it in life (not really the case). But I loved the body style of the Silvercloud, especially the Cloud 3 & made it a goal around 20 years ago to buy one, when the right one came up. I knew a guy who dealt in used classic cars, and told him if one came up, call me, so when he did, I was delighted, Funny thing is he bought it for the private number, which was 300 GUL, as his father had a Mercedes 300 Gullwing, and he knew I’d probably buy the car.

ct: When did you acquire it and why a Rolls Royce? Is it the only piece in Cyprus?

MA: I bought it around 2003 because of its beauty, but also because it’s often referred to as the greatest car in the world, in particular in those days. When I bought the car, I was told it was a 1965 model year built in June or July, which intrigued me as my date of birth is July 1965, however I was somewhat disappointed when I got the new logbook back from DVLA to find it was a year older than me, it was built in 1964.

I shipped it to Cyprus from Glasgow, after first taking it to Birmingham to have air conditioning fitted, not standard in those days, and I believe it to be the only one of its kind on the island.

ct: An automobile like that usually comes in a package with a driver, do you have a driver? Did you ever take your Rolls for a drive around the island?

MA: I’ve driven it across the island, mostly when it has been hired to do weddings etc, however we use it personally only around once a month, the rest of the time, when it’s on a hire.

ct: Are you a member of any vintage automobile club and/or take part in any charity events?

MA: I used to be a member of the Pafos Classic car club, but to be honest I don’t really like clubs, where you have rules, and get told what you can and can’t do.

ct: Would you advise our readers to buy a vintage automobile? What’s the secret of maintaining such an automobile?

MA: I would recommend purchasing a good classic car, for various reasons, they can be a great investment of spare cash, they’re  a lot of fun to drive, always fun to tinker with on a Sunday morning, my car in particular is very beautiful to look at, the downside is, parts and maintenance can be expensive.

ct: Thank you, Michael for your time. Since you mentioned car hire, should any of our readers or their friends have any special event coming up that they look forward to, is there an email or phone number they could use?

MA: You’re very welcome. Of course, bookings can be made via www.michaelantoniou.info & tel 00357 99854375.

If you’re looking forward to an unforgettable event, this is your chance. Call now and get the ride of your dreams in a king-style vehicle!



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