Euromoney Forex Forum 2017

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General information

Traders, analysts, investors, business owners gather in London this year at the Euromoney Forex Forum. FX bankers, currency funds, asset managers, FinTech entrepreneurs and trading platform developers will be sharing their expertise, challenges faced by e-traders today and views on the future of FX trading.

This year’s event holds promise of one of the biggest FX market gatherings of its kind with a mix of topics that will fuel the debate.

As 2017 marks a transformational moment in the history of FX markets worldwide, this one-day conference will give you the perspective of tier 1 banks on the one hand and that of buyside traders, on the other, as to how they are adjusting their trading desks with a looming macro volatility and ever-upgrading technologies.

The conference will also focus on innovative trading strategies, market structure with a main focus on pre- and post-trade transparency, algorithmic trading and FX ‘equitisation’.

Date: 17 May 2017

Venue: Details will be available soon.


The programme will be focusing on topics like:

 – FX fundamentals in the context of globalisation
– How are banks and investors tailoring their trading strategies for FX as a distinct asset class?
– How are corporations managing their currency risks in the current volatile environment?
– Establishing the optimal level of transparency in FX
– Synchronising FX with fixed income and equities to create a secure and efficient market structure.
– Key challenges and opportunities in EM currencies and a lot more. Full agenda available here.


Meet the speakers.


To register, please email  If you are a buyside client and wish to apply for a complimentary passion, click here for more information.

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