4 Steps to Learning Forex

In the Internet era, more and more businesses are beginning to operate 100% online. This shift in perspective has created a new business concept – Forex. Here are 4 steps to learning Forex.

Although it exists and operates only the virtual space of the web, Forex or FinTech, as a new trendy buzz name is often associated to this line of business, requires more online interaction than what a webpage could facilitate, and today we will talk exactly about that here at cyprusthrive.

FX training specialists believe that the seminar model is the best way to promote Forex education services so you can make an informed decision with regard to trading as a viable possibility to make a nice income online.

As Easter is right around the corner and our pockets and bank accounts will soon be taken by mega shopping siege, cyprusthrive figured you should not have to worry about finance neither during nor after the holidays. So, we created a mega FX education campaign to help you turn leverage into a money-making machine! The Easter Bunny Makes You Money!

Joining forces with a leading FinTech institution, we are happy to share 4 professional tips and tricks that will not only help you stay afloat but thrive in a volatile economic environment.

While we are aware of the difficulty of learning new skills and the potential fear some of you may have when it comes to embarking on something totally different from what they’re currently doing, years of extensive hands-on experience have proved us that it is worth it. We developed our FREE educational package thinking of you!

FREE Educational Package

This unique package will give you the opportunity to learn from the best international, professional traders and get insights into their strategies as well as the fundamentals and technicalities of market analysis, as we say (Fundamental and Technical Analyses). To help you on your journey, we have developed an amazing programme that will give you access to powerhouse materials written and compiled by a world-class trader – Derek Lainsbury. Sign up for free!

Attend Our Free FX Seminar

Want to make money without any hassle? Attend our Free FX Workshop and learn how to boost your income and better your life! Register for a Free FX Workshop and learn from world leading traders what it takes to be successful in the currency markets. Feel the beauty of life!

Register for a Free FX Seminar now!



Because nothing is at random in trading, our main focus is on what strategies work best in today’s shifting market in order to generate cash-flow. With this in mind, we have developed a set of trading methods to suit the diverse psychology and lifestyles of our students. Learn more.


1o1 Coaching

Because quality is at the core of what we do, our traders  have been recruited from the highest spheres of the trading and financial industry. They are all professionally certified traders with impressive growing client portfolios. They lead our organisation forward and have all it takes to guide you to success. Register now for top pro 1o1 coaching!



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