Business Woman of the Year Awards 2017

May Day brings you the nominees and the winners of the 11th edition of Business Woman of the Year Awards at cyprusthrive.

For those of you who could not make it this year to Nicosia, among this year’s nominees and finalists for the Business Woman of the Year were: Andri Avraam – reputed dental surgeon, Catherine Beger  – Little Muse Theatre, Chrysi Iacovou-Harrington – LC Positive Voice, Melissa Lowndes – Meli Property Services, Nicola Smith – Freedom Dolls, Niovi Spyridaki – actress, Kalypso Theocharidou – lawyer, Yvonne Tsanos – OL Shipping Group, Penelope Walker – Hair Club Salon and Anna Wall – Florida Pools.

With so many successful businesswomen, the jury’s task to choose a winner for each category of the event was not easy. While they are all great leaders and public figures, who in the course of last year have proved to walk the talk  in their line of industry, the jury consisting of previous winners of the award and newcomers warmly welcomed by event host Janice Ruffle Kavallares, had to make their pick. Category winners eventually came down to three prominent female figures in Cyprus’s business: Andri Avraam, Catherine Beger and Yvonne Tsanos. But, the jury’s work did not stop here, as in the end there has to be only one… This year’s overall winner was Yvonne Tsanos.

Although the competition was tight, the evening was filled with joy and cheer. As always, the Business Woman of the Year Award has been the place where businesswomen across Cyprus get together to share their expertise and enjoy the spotlight.

“What a wonderful evening celebrating women in business at the Cyprus women’s business awards last night! Congratulations to Yvonne Tsanos, Catherine Beger and Andri Avraam and to all of the finalists. Thank you to Janice Ruffle Kavallares for organising such a fantastic event. It was an honour to be nominated!”, said Chrysi Iacovou-Harrington in a Facebook post.





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