Back again to Cyprus

Yes, Totally Tina aka Justine Riddoch is on her way again to Cyprus. This time, Justine will bring back the sound and swagger of Tina Turner between the 4th and the 10th of April 2018 to the cities of Paralimni, Limassol and Paphos.

Dates and venues have been confirmed as follows:
4th April Kama Lifestyle, Paralimni – Contact Maria Kythreotis
5th April (SOLD OUT!)
7th April Terra Mare, Paraklissia, Limassol – Contact Derek Lainsbury / Chrysi Iacovou-Harrington
10th April BonaMare Beach Bar, Kyriakos Charalambides

What to expect this time and be teased

If you’re still thinking to buy a ticket to any of Justine’s shows or why not, follow her across Cyprus, click here to get a feel of it.



Because with every performance, Justine Riddoch brings something new, fresh or yet unrevealed about Tina Turner, here’s what drives her in doing more than a Tina Turner biographical show:
“I’ve been myself a lot longer than I’ve been a tribute to any artist and its strange sometimes to transform into my big alter ego. But you get away with an awful lot with being TINA!” Her sheer presence, her energy, her humility and dynamite vocals. If I can’t achieve success in my own right and her fans aren’t too upset, I cannot think of anyone I would rather pay homage too. I’ve never thought of myself as an impersonator and in no way ever think I can replace the legend that is Ms Turner, but I hope if she ever sees the show she will appreciate the hard work and sacrifice we have put into it just so we can keep spreading her name to her fans. I always say to our audiences at the end. If you felt for just one second you were watching Tina again then our job is done. Come and say “hi” after the show and have your picture taken with me. Love ” Jx

Needless to say that this fabulous show is again in support of LCPV and FDi. All proceeds will go to the charities giving voice to HIV patients living in Cyprus and to those unfortunate enough to be victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking.



For tickets and reservations, wait no more and contact the people indicated above. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Derek Lainsbury, Vice President L. C. Positive Voice.

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