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She started small… Joanna, the owner of House Sparrows, but she is determined and has the resources to make a difference. House Sparrows is above all a home where you can indulge, relax and refill your batteries, while spending quality time with friends and/or family.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, House Sparrows is perfectly situated amidst the
limy-green hills of Cyprus, offering you the perfect escape. cyprusthrive had the pleasure to sit down and speak with Joanna, who was very happy to share her success story.

steam room

ct: What is your success story?

J: Well, I believe in positive thinking and the power of changing your life by thinking positive and staying positive even through rough times. It’s all the result of hard work, this spa project is the result of a lifetime passion and I am determined to make it work, because I believe in its potential. We took over this business and wish to develop it into something new. This was initially an exclusivist club-spa, and the main idea is to make this superb facility accessible to all. Each and every one of us needs to have a place to relax, let go of all their troubles and go home refreshed and ready to face whatever may come their way. We intend to make this place a true Zen garden.

ct: What makes this place unique compared to other wellness centres?

J: First of all, the spa is obviously the main purpose and at the core of the whole project. However, what is truly unique about House Sparrows is the lounge bar. I’ve researched and there are not many places like this one, and those which are are not exactly affordable to all. So we wanted to mix quality and good value for money. We charge as little as little as Euro 20 on week days. We’re open on Thursdays and Sundays from 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm, but welcome bookings for private parties and special events for the rest of the week.

lounge bar area1

Additionally, in most spa facilities, you go straight into the changing room and the spa, without having a buffer zone where you can enjoy a drink, hot or cold depending on preference and season, of course, relax, take a deep breath, let go in the Buddhist sense, and enter the steam room or the sauna serene. Otherwise, you succumb to your problems. Besides, there is no time pressure, here time is suspended if you like. Why? Because when you go somewhere to relax, you shouldn’t be keeping an eye on the watch all the time. This is how it should be. I would like to clarify from the very beginning, we only serve non-alcoholic drinks, because alcohol can raise blood pressure and so does steam, that’s why alcohol and steam therapy don’t really work together. Other than that, fun has no limits @ House Sparrows.

ct: Indeed. What services do you offer?

J: We provide full service, changing room, slippers, towel, everything that one needs to make the most of a spa escape, of course, locker and key so everything is kept perfectly safe with us. We value security and privacy so our guests’ belongings and personal data if they book online are handled in the strictest confidence. Our guests can benefit from steam room (dry therapy), sauna (humid therapy), and unique herbal steam treatments. I grew up in the mountains so I know quite a lot about the healing power of herbs. We will focus on chamomile therapy, especially known for its skin cleansing and rejuvenating properties, and of course, we can add as many other herbs with similar effect, as the client wishes. We also offer massage therapy, we have a professional massage therapist who can meet even the most demanding needs. If you suffer from lower back pain as this seems to be pretty much one of the diseases of the century, owing a lot to unhealthy lifestyle and bad sitting posture. Last but not least, we have a wonderful jacuzzi for you to dive in after getting out of the steam room or the sauna, shower facilities, and a swimming pool outside in the open for hot summer days. The swimming pool is intelligently placed in the vicinity of a Japanese garden, up on a plateau from where you have a perfect view of the hills, which you can also see while enjoying a dip in the jacuzzi, through the floor-to-ceiling windows. To maximise our guests’ jacuzzi experience we play videos of water falls enlivened by the sounds of nature, chirping birds, murmuring water, etc.


lounge bar area2

What is again unique about our spa concept is that we also cater special events like team building get-togethers, bachelor parties, birthdays or any other special events one may have in their lives and wish to make them unforgettable. We are flexible giving our clients the possibility to bring their own products, like food for instance and we prepare everything in-house for no extra charge.

ct: What are your development plans for the future?

J: For now we want to get the ball rolling with the sauna, we’ll see how things go and I was thinking of adding some small cosmetic treatments like waxing and perhaps even a gym, but at a later stage perhaps. It’s too early now to think too big.

ct: Joanna, thank you very much for your time today. To conclude our interview, do you have any entrepreneurial tips and tricks to share with our readers?

J: That’s a very good question. I don’t have much experience in the area of management; I studied humanities, grew up in a family of pragmatic economists but did not share their views, and moving to Cyprus I practically had the opportunity to rethink my life and do what I like. This is how House Sparrows was born, a long-thought project, which finally has taken shape. I follow my instincts and I’m doing what I like. I think it’s important to invest time, energy and money in something you love doing. From an economic point of view, I believe Cyprus encourages young startups like mine. In short, it’s a good place to be, to invest and thrive.

Want to know how my day ended? With a dip in the jacuzzi…


If you too wish to enjoy any of the miraculous services of House Sparrows or are planning an unforgettable event, feel free to drop them a line on Facebook @ web.facebook.com/house.sparrow.338. Location: Agiou Georgiou 13, Akrounta 4522, only a stone throw away from Limassol tourist area.

House Sparrows is also involved in anti-HIV charity activities, facilitating free, quick-result HIV testing.

shower room


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  1. Just back from an afternoon on Sunday when I had one of the most relaxing spa days you could wish for! Skipped the chaos of carnival for the zen tranquility of House Sparrow. The perfect break away from the norm with perfect hosts Joanna and John who both made us and the other guests very welcome. It started with a guided tour of the facilities which were spotlessly clean. The aroma of scented candles and josticks permeated the peaceful environment perfect for sauna, steam, jacuzzi and chill out lounge. We both wish you lots of luck in this new health spa initiative and hope that on our next visit we can also take advantage of the professional massage. Thanks guys. You’ve done a great job making this uni- sex spa experience. We’ll be back soon with friends. Highly recommended!

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